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"The ultimate scenario is to be involved in the design phase of a particular premises', says Declan Condon, CEO of D & K Management Consultants.

The objective behind a security survey is to create a blueprint on which all future security plans and procedures can be built. D & K Management Consultants has the expertise to assist clients with evaluating and addressing the status of their current risk control profile. This will lead to the developing of accurate and cost-effective security measures put into place to specifically counter the unique risks associated to the clients business, location and assets.

During our on-site audit of the client's security profile, our security auditor will look at and investigate the following:

  • - What are your critical assets?
  • - Just how vulnerable are they?
  • - What are the potential threats to these assets?
  • - Identify the threats according to potential, improbable and probable threats.
  • - What is required to adequately and cost-effectively protect or secure these assets and, therefore, manage related risks?
  • - Which plans exist to counter related risks?
  • - Which policies and plans exist to ensure business continuity/recovery in case of incident or attack?
  • - Which measures need to be weeded out and who is going to facilitate those implemented?
  • - Assist in establishing a blueprint for the company regarding future security policies and procedures.
  • - Provide vital and critical information on location crime and area risk related factors.

D & K Management Consultants strongly advises companies, facilities and complexes choosing to have a security survey done should exercise caution in using a security company or person who is involved in selling equipment or related protection services! This will lead to a potential conflict of interest.

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