Surveillance versus Stalking in Private Investigation

Article Published:Dec 12

We all know that a big part of private investigators’ jobs are to follow, survey, and record the behaviour and activities of certain targets. This skill is vital for gathering evidence, deducing what is really happening, and eventually solving the case. But recent news and cases that have gone wrong, mostly in America and Western Europe, are beginning to show that it is possible for a private investigator to go too far!

  • Keeping it Professional

    As with many other crimes, intent plays a large role in identifying whether the actions in question should be considered a crime, or not. When private investigators are performing surveillance they need to constantly reaffirm that they are there for professional purposes, and that all actions taken correspond towards a job-specific goal. Each private investigator also needs to carefully consider their clients’ motives when taking jobs as these motives become theirs whilst they are performing the surveillance.

  • How it can turn bad

    When private investigators blur the line by, for example, becoming infatuated with a specific target, it can become cause for many complications. Not only is the target being stalked by a surveillance expert, but the private investigators gathered evidence can also be rendered null and void. Many times when surveillance becomes stalking the private investigators will forget to follow a few basic rules of surveillance. This is the moment when surveillance turns into stalking. Any gathered evidence will then be considered illegally obtained and will be of null effect in court.

Furthermore, if the person being stalked finds out about this illegal surveillance, the entire case can backfire, plus the investigator and client may end up being sued or even arrested. It is a private investigator’s duty to ensure that they always have a legitimate purpose for investigating.

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