Employment...The African Nightmare!

Article Published:Feb 5

Why do we, as locals, get so upset when foreigners (particularly those from Western decent) make comment about Africa's, or more specifically, South Africa’s poor and truly pathetic attitude to work ethic? 

As a company that provides undercover investigators, our clients get weekly reports which often detail just how poor their employees’ overall work ethic is. It is amazing to see how poor the vast majority of the country's work force is when it comes to committing to a full day’s work. The fight normally starts early in the morning as unpunctual and disinterested workers amble in to their respective companies.  As they do, they provide the tired excuse of transport problems, as their standard retort to any sign of unhappiness displayed by their employer. That is, if they bother to pitch up at all!  

Our investigator’s reports will often highlight just how bad the problem of absenteeism is. This is made even worse by the readily available supply of fake/fraudulent sick notes supplied by corrupt doctors for as little as R50. 

Supermarkets that open their doors with cashiers standing around discussing their personal issues , blatantly ignoring queuing customers, is now more the norm than the exception. 

Bank tellers with bad attitudes, who prefer to share their weekend recounts than attend to clients, is what we have come to expect. 

The truth is, this is Africa and there is no getting away from it. Our attitude to work ethic and professionalism is far behind that of those Western countries we so dearly love to despise.

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