Theft & Fraud In The Workplace

Article Published:Sep 19

Employers and business owners alike need to start taking extra precautions against theft and fraud in the workplace and, this does not merely mean within the corporate environment, but also in the home (domestics).

The South African economy is fragile and ordinary citizens are feeling the pressure. Food, clothing, fuel and rising interest rates are turning normally honest people into opportunistic thieves, looking to supplement their income. 

Over the past 24 months, we at D&K Management Consultants cc, have noticed a steady rise in cases of domestics stealing from their employers as well as more and more incidents of fraud in the corporate sector. The problem is, there seems to be no optimistic change in the near future, so what do employers do? 

Kyle Condon, owner of D&K Management Consultants cc, SA’s leading investigations agency, believes the real solution lies with the employer. "A new level of vigilance and a sharper focus on your employees’ behaviour and financial changes is needed". 

Home owners, in particular, need to face the harsh reality that their domestic employees may well be pushed into a financial pit and do the unthinkable. If you suspect that your domestic or any other employee has developed "long fingers", act immediately - don’t wait! 

For domestics, we suggest you consider polygraph testing, however, in the event of an employer requiring a more discreet approach; you may want to consider allowing us to place a well-disguised covert camera overlooking the area of concern. Our technicians will advise you on where best to hide the equipment. 

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