Tough Guy not so Tough After All

Article Published: 07 March 2012

Here's a question for you ... Why do many of those involved in sports such as 'cage fighting' or 'careers', such as debt collection, seem to believe that this grants them some form of God-like status or immunity to abiding by the law? Obviously, this does not apply to those athletes and professionals who are true professionals and conduct themselves in a manner befitting of a professional.

I am, though, referring to those individuals who use their extramural activity as a form of intimidation to those that dare cross their paths. I mean really, the fact that a 'lousy cage fighter' who loses more often than he wins can use this as an excuse to try and threaten or scare off people, is a complete joke in my book. No investigator, police or private, who is a true professional and dedicated to his/her calling would be deterred by some fool who, in my experience, battles to string his ABC's together.

I mention all of this because two of our senior investigators investigating a case of fraud and possession of stolen property had to deal with exactly what I have described above. But, in this instance, the verbally challenged (result of way too many juice shakes) is also a known 'debt collector' on the West side of Johannesburg. Who would actually hire a Shrek lookalike with no real IQ to collect outstanding monies in the first place? But, I suppose there are always monkeys for each circus.

Anyway, I digress ... to cut a long story short, Mr Tough didn't turn out to be so tough after all, despite his numerous text message threats (assuming they were threats, they were so poorly spelt it was often difficult to distinguish if it was a threat or a very descriptive invite to a low budget bachelor party).

Our West rand tough guy could not get into his car fast enough when our two investigators and a member of the Commercial Crimes Unit arrived at his home to arrest him. His sudden change of heart was actually quite amusing and his willingness to hand over all our client's property was nothing short of amazing. No back kicks, no grappling, no head butts, nothing more than a simple "It is not necessary to harass me" was to be heard!

A couple of days later and I get a one-word text telling me that I am, in his opinion, equal to a specific part of the female anatomy. Tough maybe to those less experienced in dealing with sub-humans such as our new friend, but to us, he and his ilk are and always will be a pleasure to "harass"!!

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