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D & K Management Consultants understand the complexities associated with operating a successful transport company. Dealing with time restraints and overhead expenses which change frequently, is no easy task. Finding time to fight theft and losses is just not possible. D & K Management Consultants offers an array of investigation and loss control solutions specifically tailored for the transport sector. These investigations will assist you in alleviating the burden of criminal activity and low productivity.

Undercover Investigations

Deployed on your trucks and in the yard, undercover investigators are an incredibly useful tool for gathering accurate information from the ground up. This type of investigation allows our risk management department to assist you in introducing new mechanisms to combat and prevent future losses. Theft of stock, equipment, fuel, tarpaulins, etc. can all be reduced via a successful undercover investigation.


Discreet mobile surveillance often yields good results into employee malpractice in the transport sector. Video and photographic evidence are all accepted in court and internal disciplinary action is sourced through this type of investigative tactic.
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