TSCM De-Bugging/Sweeping

Understand this, The business world has changed, the way businesses gather important information has evolved, to many it has become a dog eat dog' world and the approach to getting a crucial advantage over competitors now means electronic surveillance or bugging is now more rife than ever', says Kyle Condon, MD of D & K Management Consultants.

TSCM. the industry term abbreviation meaning Technical Surveillance Countermeasures.

As the leading investigations and risk consultancy on the African continent, it is imperative to the board at D & K Management Consultants that we offer our clients the very best in every service we offer. TSCM or de-bugging is no exception.

Almost all bugs transmit information and this information is moved' by radio waves. Therefore, to trace and successfully remove these bugs, one requires specialised equipment and very well trained staff able to work with this equipment! D & K Management Consultants has exactly that! Our clients, no matter how big or small, will get only the very best from our TSCM/De-bugging services.

Our de-bugging team consists of a minimum of two (2) members. The reason for this is that while one investigator is searching for bugging devices with our Scanlock frequency locators, the second investigator performs a complete physical search.

The physical search of a de-bugging investigation is actually more important than the technical/electronic search. D & K Management Consultants' teams know full well that technical surveillance techniques do not stop at bugs which transmit radio frequencies. These days, there are many varieties of bugs which include some that do not transmit but record only, making it near impossible to locate with a frequency scanner no matter how sophisticated. Although D & K Management Consultants' TSCM teams use equipment that search for magnetic fields and ultra-high or ultra-low frequencies, we prefer to back this up with a physical investigation. This also assists us in finding covert cameras and recorders as well as dormant bugs' ie. bugs that have died' due to battery failure, for example, or are in sleep mode'. Our physical searches include but are not limited to drop ceilings, wall sockets, fixtures, dry walls and office or room furniture.

TSCM Debugging imageIn conjunction with our TSCM/De-bugging service it is also of utmost importance to note that we check telephone lines, PABX rooms and telephone DB boxes. Our teams completely understand that there are a number of ways to eavesdrop on telephone conversations. These telephone tapping techniques usually involve a tape or solid-state recording device which is usually placed in a well secured covert location, locking into action the moment the targeted phone is answered or picked up.

Do you suspect that your home, office or car could be under electronic surveillance? Please do not contact us from any of these! Rather use a secure phone and call when you are away from the area of concern. A consultation will be booked in order for a Technical Surveillance Countermeasure service to be performed.

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