Trained Detectives and Types of Private Investigations

Article Published:Nov 18

Private investigations are becoming more and more popular in today’s society. It is essentially a specialised service that entails in-depth examinations or probes into matters of diverse nature. As more perpetrators try to find 'creative’ ways of committing crimes, or bypassing the law - the role of private investigators becomes increasingly sought-after. This article will take a closer look at some of the cases that often fall under private investigations where private detectives are expected to demonstrate their skills.

  • Unfaithful spouses:

    This is probably one of the most popular reasons people hire private investigators. Many people unfortunately find themselves doubting the fidelity of their spouses, but have no way of proving it. Private investigations in this category will usually see the detective tailing the spouse for a set period of time, usually over several days, to try and clearly ascertain whether he or she is being unfaithful or not. Evidence in the form of photographs, videos and possibly anything else material to the case will be compiled by the private investigator. These findings are then analysed and will subsequently be presented to the client.

  • Pre-employment background searches:

    Before hiring a new member of staff, some companies will want a private investigator to ensure that their history and background "checks out". These private investigations are on the rise due to the tremendous amount of misrepresentations, falsification of credentials, and even identity theft in this day and age. These types of checks will often include criminal background and credit profile checks. If the prospective employee’s history isn’t as clear as they claim, the investigator will report the findings to the would-be employer, who can then take the necessary steps.

  • Polygraph tests:

    Polygraph tests are carried to try and ascertain whether or not somebody is lying about something. This can be linked to various private investigations, from theft, to murder, to misappropriation of funds at work, harassment and many more potential cases. Private investigators are often trained to work with polygraph tests.

These are just a few items in the extensive list of matters private investigators can be called upon to probe into. As a specialist field, and given the host of private investigations that detectives will need to cope with on a regular basis, it is important that you brief your PI as early as possible. Some cases call for planning while others simply require expert surveillance and footage to close the matter in 24 hours! Either way working with a trustworthy and experienced professional is essential. With us at D&K Investigators, you can rest easy knowing that whatever your matter is, we’ll be able to tackle it in a diligent and effective manner. Why not contact us today for a hassle free quote, or to consult on your matter?

For trained bodyguards you can depend on when it comes to entrusting the safety of yourself, your family and even your property - you need not look further than D&K Investigators. Contact us today for a professional needs assessment and a competitive quotation.

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