The Often Unseen World Of TSCM

TSCM stands for Technical Surveillance Counter Measures and is the process of what's more commonly known as debugging. This process involves a variety of different tools and equipment, and requires a specialised form of training in order to achieve optimal results.

How you can utilise TSCM

Many people acquire these services when they suspect they are being followed, watched or if they suspect their premises are 'bugged'. If an apartment is bugged it means that there are small and highly advanced hidden electronic devices planted in various places. These small bug-like sized devices record and communicate information visually, audibly or electronically. TSCM enables the swift and professional location of these bugs so that they can be removed or disabled urgently.

The above-mentioned is handled with a diverse toolkit of devices that pick up radio frequencies, electromagnetic fields and minor electrical disturbances in the air. Once these are found a physical search reveals the bug and then it can either be traced back to the 'bug-planter' or can sometimes even be used to reverse the surveillance.

Why professionals are recommended

The reason we always recommend professionals for TSCM is because - firstly, the machines and devices used to perform this process effectively are highly complex and commonly being updated and upgraded to newer models. Professionals are specially trained in handling and understanding such devices; they also keep up to date with the latest technology and techniques.

Secondly, once the bugs' frequencies or electromagnetic fields are found with the devices it's not always easy to find the physical bug. Professionals have been equipped with the necessary TSCM skills to track down, locate and perform the necessary procedures on bugs. Our agents have also been trained in criminology and understand how a criminal and investigator's mind works - enabling greater efficiency and expertise.

If you suspect that you might have someone performing surveillance on you, then don't hesitate to contact us here at D&K Investigators. We have a highly trained and very competent workforce of experts who are waiting to help you with all your TSCM needs today.

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