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"Violent crimes and murder, perhaps, the most heinous of human actions. Not just for the victims but also for family, friends and those left behind", says Declan Condon, CEO of D & K Management Consultants.

D & K Management Consultants has a division dedicated specifically to cold case murder investigations and crimes of violence. The passion to solve these cases and to provide answers where others have failed is of such a nature that the CEO, Declan Condon, himself, heads up this Investigations department. With over 32 years of experience in investigations into violent crimes, our team of crack investigators are available 365 days a year to undertake cases of this nature.

Success in murder and criminal investigations relies heavily on time and it is, therefore, of utmost importance that murder cases receive the attention that they deserve in the shortest possible time frame.However, this is not always possible and, therefore, our homicide investigators at D & K Management Consultants will more often than not have to redo the case right from the beginning. Crime scene reconstruction, witness interviews, taking of statements, photographs, DNA testing, polygraphing and docket examination will then be performed.

With the experience brought by our investigators and Declan Condon, our company will leave no stone unturned to provide answers and 'speak' for those who can't.

As with all criminal investigations and related investigative services, it is company policy that a pre-investigation consultation takes place. During this consultation the client is required to provide the lead investigator with all relevant case history and objectives. These meetings are often very emotional and, to ease the pain, it is strongly advised that clients come well prepared with all documents, evidence, etc.

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