Virtual Guest Experience

In a hyper-competitive environment, service standards and client experience is critical to your hotel. The feedback you receive, therefore, is more important than ever! So, why rely on out-dated feedback programmes such as "Mystery Guest"?

D & K Management Consultants has revolutionised the way our clients get insight into how guests experience their time at the clients' hotel.

Virtual experience is the process by which our teams video and record each and every aspect and interaction with your employees and services. Not only does this provide you with the most comprehensive feedback available, but also gives you a training tool that can be used to show your employees where they went wrong or right. There is no mystery guest programme that can offer this level of benefits.

Our investigators who perform these visits have spent the last 9 years developing this service. Through our Virtual Experience program, our clients are able to:

  • - Experience first hand how your guest experienced your hotel and staff.
  • - Establish first hand if the guests' needs and expectations are being met.
  • - Where your staff are falling short.
  • - See exactly how your staff conducted themselves when confronted with tricky questions and guests.
  • - Learn more about your employees.

The benefits of this service include:

  • - Report and video recordings are 100% legal.
  • - Videos provide excellent training material showing actual scenarios and lessons.
  • - Assist in helping you to create memorable customer service.
  • - Provide you with a real competitive advantage!
  • - Test and get real answers for each department ie. housekeeping, room service, maintenance, front of desk, etc.

The beauty of this service is that it allows for the client to measure improvements through a practical source in the form of video evidence with a detailed accompanying report. Further visits will allow us to measure improvements and provide proof of successful or unsuccessful implementations of new initiatives and policies.

For further information on this particular service, please do not hesitate in contacting us.

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